Join one of our sensational 2024 music tours or cruises. We have a variety of tours, including overseas tours, Australian tours and a international cruises. Download and print the brochures or contact Travelrite Toll Free on 1800 630 343 and ask for brochures to be mailed to you.

Current Tour/Cruise Brochures with full itinerary for 2024/25 - Phone Travelrite toll free on 1800 630 343

2024 Europe Blues Tour (1.5MB)

2024 Australian Outback Music Tour (1.8MB)

2024 Ireland Scotland Music Tour (1.8MB)

2024 Sydney to Hobart Music Cruise (1.8MB)

2024 Music Tour of Victoria & Canberra (1.8MB)

2025 Tasmania Music Tour (1.8MB)

2025 Japan Music Tour-Cruise (1.8MB)

2025 Hwy 61 Blues Music Tour (1.8MB)